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The boudoir photo industry has grown exponentially in the last few years. What once was the realm of a select few photographers is now mainstream. The fact is that these sexy photo shoots have now expanded in range to include photos that are more glamour-themed all the way to art nudes. Like most photography today, the sky is the limit; the lines have blurred between what is considered art and what is explicit, with the determination of this 'line' coming down to the client/subject so much more so than the photographer.

So why would I take up this widely ranging genre of images? It's a lot more complex than 'I just want to make beautiful photos'. And it starts with the two main reasons why women want to have boudoir sessions: the images and the experience.

If I mention boudoir to 100 people (men or women), more than half of them would think about the photos. Lingerie-clad ladies in sensual poses, subtly lit and beautifully posed, not necessarily any more revealing than many bathing suits of today and probably more concealed than what we see on TV or in the movies, but creating a sexy, sensual, feminine aura. This goes back to classic boudoir where the images were the goal. This certainly is part of the boudoir photo sessions, creating these gorgeous images for the woman in front of the camera. They can serve as a reminder of a life achievement or can make a great gift to a significant other. But possibly the best outcome of these photos is as a gift to yourself, a visual confidence booster and something to cherish just as much as your other photos. The comment I've heard is 'What woman doesn't want beautiful sexy photos of herself?' and I fully understand that concept.

The other reason why these types of photo sessions are so popular is the experience. There is a certain freedom and empowerment that comes from doing something that challenges your limits, and that applies equally to mental, emotional and physical limits. Having a boudoir photo session is often the catalyst to a surge in confidence, a realization of the sensual and feminine power you have within. The words most often associated with boudoir are: empowering, freeing, sensual, sexy, feminine, beautiful, liberating and real. The experience can be motivating and confidence is gained when you realize that you are all of these powerful things and more. Life can have a way of dulling our sense of who we are inside, of the beauty and freedom we all represent. This experience that happens with these photo sessions isn't just what you feel, but is also something seen by others (as I have witnessed first hand). And this is the biggest reason I provide boudoir photo sessions...to see the transformation in front of my very lens humbles me and makes me want to provide that for every woman who wants this experience. It's a truly magnificent thing!

So the next time you are contemplating a boudoir photo session, ask yourself if the experience is what you are after. Will your chosen photographer do all that he/she can to make this an experience you will remember with feelings of happiness and freedom? The beautiful images should be a given; the experience should be a plus, a rather important one. Contact me soon for a consultation about YOUR boudoir experience!


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