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Boudoir photography is not a new genre; it has been around for over 100 years.  The word ‘boudoir’ translates to ‘a woman's bedroom or private room’, and thus boudoir photography started as making photos of women in their bedrooms.  Today it is much more widely viewed as sensual, playful and/or intimate images of women (and now men too) in places which may include a bedroom but can be in almost any space.  Many women choose boudoir photography to celebrate being a woman, to pay tribute to a special time in their life, or to help boost their confidence and feeling of sensuality.  Some also do it for the images, to share with a special person or just to keep a record of this time.  There is no right or wrong reason to have a boudoir session; each woman will choose reasons that resonate with her.  The choice of clothing, settings and poses will all be reflective of her intentions and feelings.  It is meant to be a personal statement.

How Does This Work?

As a photographer, my job is to create beautiful and meaningful images of my clients.  My passion, however, is to make the whole process memorable and fun.  Believe me when I say I’m just as determined to create amazing photos for you as you are to be photographed.  Your enjoyment of the whole process is important to me! 

It starts with our first meeting. We will get to know a bit more about each other, and more importantly, I will help you find your ‘why’ for having a boudoir session.  We will talk about the basics of outfits and poses; we will discuss the reasons you want to be photographed; we will also discuss the investment and its outcome.  The more we can delve into the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ of your intention to have this experience, the more value you will find in the session and the images. The more I understand your why, the more we can connect to get the images you deserve.

The process continues with the studio time.  You will have your hair and makeup professionally done before we shoot.  The stylist will help choose the look that matches your personality and the feel of the upcoming session.  She may want to see the outfits you’ve chosen.

We hit the studio after you select your first outfit.  The photos start when you’re ready; we will move at your pace, and take a break when you need.  You will NOT be expected to exceed your limits; you will be asked to try poses that might push your physical or comfort limits, but the final level that you reach will be in your control.  We shoot for about 2 hours; I don’t use a timer or keep exact track of the time so we work until you are ready to stop.  During the process, I am always available to consult on your outfits and accessories if you need.  I check in regularly during the session to see how you’re feeling and if you need anything in support.

After your session is finished, I will review the images to select the 20 most appropriate photos based on our consultations.  These images will be edited and printed for you to view at a personal reveal meeting.  I will provide you with proof sheets to keep; images can be purchased (and digital low resolution images will be given of purchased images only) at the reveal.  We will discuss other image products at that time as well, such as albums and metal or canvas wall art.

The session investment:  $365, a true value!  Why not contact me today to get started!​


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